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Credits (graphics & assets) – Game Backgrounds – In game menu buttons, ui menu sound, game font, game sound effects

Anton Revin – Level Complete sound effect

Snabisch – Game Music

Jesús Lastra – Sound effect

You start out with balls bouncing in a room.
You have to contain the balls in order to advance to the next level.
To contain the balls you create walls (swipe up/down or swipe left/right to create a wall)
If a ball hits your wall before it is complete you lose a life.
Your lives are limited so timing is important.

There are 4 modes of game play.

1) Causal – no time limit, play until lives run out

2) Survival – same as Casual but you only have 1 life

3) Timed – You have a limited amount of time and lives to solve the level

4) Challenge – Once you complete a level, play it again to beat your personal best with your personal best as the timer.

Here is the instruction video

Jezzin ScreenshotJezzin ScreenshotJezzin Screenshot Jezzin ScreenshotJezzin Screenshot

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