Google Play removed my game because it closely resembled another app
Click here to directly download the .apk for Mastermind

Credits (graphics & assets) (Anton Revin) (Jesús Lastra)


When you play Mastermind you are tasked with decoding the color code on the board

Depending on your preference the code can be 3 colors up to 8 colors

When you attempt to crack the code you are provided peg hints to solve

Black Peg – You have chosen the correct color in the correct position

White Peg – You have chosen the correct color, but it is in the wrong position

When all peg hints are black you have cracked the code


Mastermind Mastermind Mastermind

Mastermind Mastermind Mastermind


  1. David Dunn says:

    re: Mastermind
    I assume there is a Kevin, so Hi . Each game of MM I play, I never get beaten by the program. It seems that I can have infinite number of attempts unlike the origInal game.
    i.e. 4 colours and only 12 attempts. Can this be changed?
    Also can a scoreboard be added?
    Also if I loss, can the program program reveal its colours and allow win/loss a chance to review the board? And a link labeled “next” to go to the normal options that appears at end of a game?
    I am not a programmer, just a fan. And I solve the puzzle in an average 8 moves.
    Please let me l know if I am just dreaming?

    • gamesbykevin says:

      Thanks for the feedback

      That can be part of a new enhancement, currently there is no limit to the number of attempts

      A scoreboard can be added, but I wouldn’t be able to have a scoreboard for every level due to Google Play limitations

      You have good ideas!!!!! Thanks again

  2. Hello Kevin,

    Im really enjoying the game. Im doing research since for one of my collge projects in Computer Logic we have been tasked to program this game.

    I would If its not to much to ask, would It be possible to add a no duplicates option in the menu.

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