Risk It Tutorial

This page is a tutorial on how to play “Risk It”

To view the video tutorial you can do so here


When the game starts we see the game board above. Each game generates a random board.

Both players receive the same number of territories and the same number of dice.

The territories and dice are distributed randomly. Each territory has to have at least 1 die and no more than 8.


The human is always blue. The player with the current turn is highlighted in yellow

The 9 represents the largest number of connected blue territories.

When you end your turn 9 dice will be auto-added to your territories at random, up to 8 dice per territory.

Next we will determine which territories to challenge.


Typically you want to challenge your neighbors that have less dice than you.

In the example above we (blue) have a territory with 2 dice while our neighbor (green) only has 1 die.

When we challenge, dice are rolled based on the number of dice each territory has.

Whoever rolls the higher number wins the challenge, so we (blue) have an advantage here.

We (blue) must roll a higher number to win the challenge, if a tie is rolled the defender wins.

When the defender wins the attacking territory is reduced to 1 die.


In this case we rolled a higher number (7 is greater than 6), so we win the challenge.

Tip: attack neighbors with less dice to increase your chances at winning challenges.

When the attacker wins they move all their dice to the conquered territory leaving 1 die behind.

In this case the attacking territory has 2 dice, so only 1 die is moved to the newly conquered territory.

As an example, let’s say the territory had 5 dice, then 4 dice would move to the newly conquered territory.


With the newly conquered territory you’ll see the total update in the image above.

The newly conquered territory, brings the total of connected territories to 10.


Now although I can still challenge more territories, let’s say I want to end my turn.

I select the checkbox highlighted above to end my turn.


Since the largest group of connected territories was 10, that means 10 dice will regenerate.

The dice regeneration is completely random. Once a territory reaches 8 dice no more dice can be added.


Once the 10 dice have been added it switches to the next players turn.

If you would like to speed up the computer, enable the fast forward button as highlighted above.

Continue playing until 1 player controls all territories, and that’s everything.

Enjoy the game.

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